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One of my greatest joys is playing in the kitchen. My usual style begins with some late-night web wandering in search for recipes to inspire for the following days session in the kitchen. I rarely stick to 1 recipe, but rather take inspiration from several, then throw in a good pinch of my own intuitive style for good measure. However, I hit the jackpot when I stumbled across this little gem by Gather & Feast and saw no need to look further or readjust. I’ve made this one a few times now and have added some notes and tips which I thought might be worthwhile to consider if you give it a go.

The widened eyes and appreciative noises received when friends and family saw the tart was a promising start and I was delighted that the taste test only delivered more eye boggling and oohs and ahhs... tick tick! Definitely recommend giving this one a crack as a dessert at your next dinner party, or even an afternoon tea for a bit of wow factor. So, please do gather the ingredients and feast your eyes & tastebuds on this one.

Find the full recipe here.


  • Of course, I used our original fresh chai blend (Calmer Chai) in this recipe. I steeped 3 tablespoons of our blend with 3 cups of boiling water for about 10 minutes, then strained. I then soaked the fruit in the strained liquid for about an hour
  • One time when I made this I soaked the dried fruit overnight as suggested in the recipe but found it way too intense with a slightly fermented taste. An hour or 2 of soaking I found was perfect before draining the liquid
  • I haven’t tried with Cointreau but can imagine it being a winner!!
  • I found the amount of fruit suggested to be more than needed to top the tart. I used around 2/3 of the suggested quantities.
  • Make sure you allow the tart crust to cool completely before filling with the mascarpone. If its still a little warm and you fill and then try to slice, it will collapse and run.
  • I went round over rectangle which worked a treat. Either way, make sure you use a collapsible base for easy removal.
  • 750gm of mascarpone is a lot and not cheap! I found 500gm to be ok – just not as deep a layer of filling - or use my tip below
  • I also tried with half mascarpone and half fresh deli ricotta and had a great result. The filling was a little firmer and easier to slice neatly. However, 100% mascarpone is a bit more on the decadent side if you’re feeling fanciful ;)

Fresh chai and mascarpone tart

Mama Chai xx



The use of flowers in teas and tisanes are not just to look pretty. They add new elements to the flavour profile of a brew and are often abundant in medicinal properties. Classic combinations are classic for many reasons.


FLOAT AWAY WITH FLORAL FIELDS                                                                                                    chamomile, rose, lavender

Chamomile flowers are best known for their ability to help calm an upset tummy and to help induce sleep but their properties span much further than that. Chamomile is also packed with all the great disease fighting antis (anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, antibacterial) which we all stand to benefit from.

Rose petal – Among its multitude of beneficial properties, are its antidepressant qualities -  very apt considering it is the flower of love. The scent of rose can uplift mood and create a feeling of wellbeing.

Lavender has long been used for reducing stress, to improve mood and to promote sleep. But again, its beauty doesn’t stop there. It’s also wonderful for calming digestive troubles.

Collectively these flowers become FLORAL FIELDS – allowing you to float away into a relaxed, happy and sleepy state with every sip. A great after dinner digestive to boot.


BLOSSOM INTO YOUR EMERALD BLOOM                                                                                            green tea, jasmine flowers

Green Tea  - As green tea is less processed than its popular cousin black tea, the wonderful properties are said to be more powerful. That is, higher in those glorious antioxidants and L-theanine (read below)

One of my favourite things about being a tea drinker is the effect it has on my mental and physical being. All tea coming from the camellia sinensis bush (black, green, white, yellow, oolong, pu-erh) contains the amino acid L-theanine which is said to be relaxing and stress reducing. The wonderful thing is that it works synergistically with the caffeine found in tea to create a relaxed alertness. The pro’s of a coffee buzz minus the jittery anxiety!

Jasmine flowers, like many of our wonderful botanicals are abundant in their beneficial properties. Like green tea they are also high in antioxidants and can contribute to reducing stress.

Our EMERALD BLOOM is a great 3pm slump or mid study session go to. Sail on through with a level headed focus.. plus a side of disease preventing antioxidants thank you!

                                                 Organic tea wholesale    Organic tea wholesale

Mama chai xx



With warmer weather seeping slowly into our days, I find myself mixing it up and opting for chilled drinks over hot options. Chai is no exception here.

The ritual of warming your hands around a hot cuppa and cosying up on the couch, can be replaced with sweet cool sipping on an iced chai in your deck chair. Close your eyes and breathe in that heavenly new spring air and transport yourself to faraway beachy lands with dreamy island music, swaying gently in a hammock between palms….ahhh.. ok here’s what you need.

 Fresh chilled chai




  • Fresh Chai
  • Honey (or sweetener of choice)
  • Soy milk (or milk of choice)
  • Ice cream
  • Ice
  • Chai sprinkles


  1. 1 heaped tablespoon of fresh chai into a jug
  2. Cover with 80ml boiling water
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of honey (or choice of sweetener)
  4. Steep for 2 mins
  5. Top jug with 220ml of cold soy milk (or milk of choice)
  6. Prepare a tall glass with lots of ice and a scoop of ice cream*
  7. Strain chai into the glass
  8. Dust with chai sprinkles
  9. Sit back and chill the chai out!

*optional but you’d be a fool not to

 Much love,

Mama Chai xx