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Black tea.. Its the first cuppa of my day and one of the first things I think of when I wake up. Lets face it, its what helps me get out of bed in the morning. The kettle goes on, the pot is prepared. And when I take that first sip.. ahhh my day can begin. Whatever your tea ritual we’ve listed some great reasons to include our Evermore black tea


Evermore – tasting notes

Our evermore tea is a single origin, organic black tea plucked from the pristine mountains of Sri Lanka. It is a medium bodied, every day tea for everyday sippers. This uplifting tea can be drunk black or with a dash of milk.

It’s organic

And therefore, it tastes better! Crops sprayed with synthetic fertilisers and chemicals are more often than not dried with these chemicals still present on the leaf. Unlike fruits and vegetables, you cannot rinse tea leaves before you brew, therefore bringing all those nasties to your cup.

For the environmentally conscious folk (which is most of us right?!), it is also about what these chemicals do to the surrounding ecosystems. Contaminating waterways and surrounding vegetation when carried through the air by wind or washed away into streams and rivers with over 98% of sprayed herbicides reaching beyond the intended crop. Unfortunately, these synthetic chemicals destroy some local flora and fauna, which were not intended on being harmed to grow the tea plantations.

For a quality tea that puts your mind, body and environment at ease, choose organic!

It’s fairly traded

We source our tea from a small organic plantation in southern Sri Lanka, run by a passionate bunch of tea aficionados. They were excited to inform us of their recent approval to be fair-trade certified. We have strolled through the rich bio-diverse plantation and it is a truly beautiful, harmonious place with rolling green hills of organic tea shrub, spices, fruits and smiley happy workers at every turn.   

 at one with the tea leaves, my little apprentice in training.

The caffeine release is clean

As someone who is not a coffee drinker and cannot tolerate the jittery hyper-alertness that can be experienced from the caffeine in coffee, (with all due respect to the avid coffee drinker) I just love how the caffeine in tea gives such a lovely balanced and clean alertness. I feel mentally clearer and energised after a cup of the good stuff but in a relaxed and gentle way. This is thanks to the amino acid which naturally occurs in tea ‘L-Theanine’ and the effect it has when coupled with caffeine. L-Theanine I love you!

Did you know?

The tea plants scientific name is Camellia sinensis. Did you know that all varieties of tea; black, green, white, oolong and pu’erh – all come from the one plant?  It is the level of processing and oxidation that the leaf undergoes after plucking that will determine the variety of tea it will eventually come.

In my honest opinion... a cup of tea makes everything better.

Much love,                                                                                                                                          Mama Chai xx

Tea dust VS tea leaves

Tea dust VS tea leaves

Arrhhh it is the constant struggle between the convenience of a tea bag and the quality of a loose leaf brew. So what's the difference anyway?


Firstly what is tea dust & loose leaf tea?

Tea dust is often found in mass produced tea bags. It is the dust and fannings left over from broken tea leaves, so in essence - the waste. Loose leaf tea is the whole picked leaf (or in less superior grades the leaves may be broken and a bit smaller) delicately put through the oxidisation process and generally served loose without a bag.


Whats wrong with tea dust?

Scraped from the bottom of the barrel, tea dust compromises the flavour of the tea, however when the leaves are broken they lose oils and aroma which are major contributors to the overall flavour and experience. Often 'cheap' tea dust is used in mass produced tea bag production of which most bags are bleached adding nasty chemicals to your cup.


It's not all bad news tea enthusiasts!

Loose leaf can be found in bags! Look for the Pyramid Infusers as these allow the leaves to expand and infuse almost to their full potential. A lot of boutique tea companies specialise in both loose leaf in and out of the bag including us, because lets face it not all of us can be bothered with all the fuss of making a brew from scratch! Oh and an added bonus - our pyramid infusers are kind to the environment and are 100% biodegradable.


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