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One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Why is the chai wet’?

It’s quite simple really.  


Masala chai (directly translated in Hindi as ‘mixed spiced tea’) originates in India and the combination of spices used in any blend vary from family to family and region to region. It's a personal thing and no one combination is the ‘right’ combination making chai blending so interesting and  so much fun!

For me personally, a masala chai is not complete without the inclusion of freshly grated ginger root. Using a fresh spice, means moisture. Moisture makes the blend  less stable and more perishable. Enter honey. Pure honey is one of nature's most powerful natural preservatives and just happens to compliment black tea and masala spices beautifully. Problem solved.

In an ideal world, we would get out the mortar and pestle and pound the spices to release their aroma and throw these straight into a pot with our tea to get the best results. Who has the time for this?! As soon as the wonderful spices are broken open their potency and abundant beneficial properties slowly start to diminish. Adding the honey helps to lock in these wonderful flavours and properties for longer. Refrigerating the product takes this one step further. So we’ve come up with a ‘next best option’ awesome fresh chai for time poor people (and let's face it, who isn't time poor?)

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Happy sipping,

Mama Chai xx